1. Bill Benzon · November 30, 2013

    This is a nice set of images. I’ve scrolled back a couple of pages and you’ve got a definite style going.

    & I know what you mean about not reading the manual. I mostly just waded in and started taking pictures. Every once in awhile I’d consult the manual on a very specific thing. But mostly I just let the camera do its thing.

    • Jeb · November 30, 2013

      Thanks. Still finding my feet with this, but will have to consult the manual learn a bit more of the technical aspects (sometime in the future). Was hesitant about starting this as I thought may be a lot of technical knowledge required. I jumped straight in buying a D.L.S.R without any experience of using a camera.

      Thought at first I had made a serious mistake as initial shots were horrific, but the next time I went out got a little better and each time seem to be learning something.

      Seriously impressive little machines. Way into these type of craft activities is just to play and have fun I think. Technical stuff can come later, when needed.

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