Way In


My introduction in ‘About’ is somewhat terse. Need to expand it beyond the existing “Got a camera. Learning how to take pictures.”

Pictures are taken on the daily exercise regime I have to do, standard Scottish curse of a bad vascular system. I walk much slower than I did in the past, started noticing the world around me more and walking the same routes started to notice things I would like to get a picture of.

The pictures tend to be taken on the routes I walk within an hour of home.


The main reason in getting a camera was simply to motivate me to get out walking over the winter for required amount of time. But I also want to illustrate my other research interests, tentatively taking messy steps here, will avoid doing that here in future but will use this place Being Out of Time, to start playing with drawing text and images together.

I mostly look at subjects which are sometimes termed folk biology. But classificatory systems and belief form my major interests here. But somewhat eclectic range from medieval wild men to man like apes of late 17th century thought, barnacle geese and faeries. Chance e-mail reminded me of a slightly different subject I had recently photographed that is vaguely connected. So may take a slight excursion into body snatching and fear of the ‘burkers.’ Look at the cultural and social basis that forms anxiety in regard to medicine and its practitioners.

Keep this space free of text and the more ‘boring’ stuff. These are the spaces and the environment in which I dream and form ideas.



The Gathering

“Bringing food into close proximity to other members of your group virtually guarantees direct competition for food, which makes getting to food to begin with a highly questionable thing to do. In order for cooking to work, the social interactions typical of an ape have to be modified significantly. Cooking demanded, facilitated, and made major changes in social structure “worth it” from the point of view of natural selection.”


Greg Laden, Catching Fire. The Other One