Press The Button and Into the Mist



Taken a couple of weeks ago real bitter sweet experience. Was a beautiful mist filled night, grabbed the camera with a feeling something good may be caught, hit the streets. Really pleasing night, seemed to have some great shots but when I got home to sort through the pictures was seriously disappointing. Been mucking about with camera settings and things just did not work. Images were a serious mess, nothing seemed to have worked. I missed this shot and the last one only noticed them yesterday. Frustratingly could not upload this one yesterday, as I was pressed for time and it was not shot in the correct format to load to word press.

I have yet to read the manual for my digital camera let alone anything about how to do photography. I like to learn on the hoof by trail and error. This particular night represented the downside to this approach, sometimes you hit the ground with a serious crash, but at least something came out of the mix once I had dusted myself off from the fall.

With some distance from the frustration of actually making the image this one takes on a whole different (retrospective personal meaning or ‘front of house perspective’) that can be found on Byssus 

The only linking theme between the two perspectives the title.


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