A Very Stupid Thought


Keep this site free of text utterly after this. Worked something out that was really bugging me. Shot above I would not normally post (its a re-post, made a hash of first one). Was a test shot for light conditions, gentleman walked past, saw me, heard a click, expressed some distaste in the way he moved, he said nothing but you could feel the contempt walked on. Was rather mild he was not particularly upset just letting his presence known. I would not have posted it if he had expressed real unhappiness.

I would not have posted the shot full stop, as it was a test shot I would normally just delete. But something was bugging me.

I am dimly growing more aware of the processes involved in photography. I don’t think I was really concerned with being too intrusive, but that the pictures I am taking say something about me. Not realized this aspect before. I suspect the rule may be, an ugly mind takes ugly pictures.

I looked through some of my shots and while I have no idea what translates, I do know when I look through the lens that I have an empathy for the people I am shooting and a desire to explore the world around me in a new way.

Not utterly confident on the streets, but more to do with the fact I really don’t know what I am doing and know nothing technically about a camera. like to take closer and fuller pictures of people and ask for consent but wait until I know what I am doing a bit more fully.

I am really loving this. No more words, let the pictures speak for themselves or not.


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