Being Absorbed In Light and Shadow (Chilling Out On The Street)





  1. Bill Benzzon · June 21, 2014

    I like this one a lot, Jeb. You seem to be a creature of the night. Is that a bird in the sky to the left of center?

    • Jeb · June 21, 2014

      Yes its a bird. Most enjoyable night with the camera I have had. I love the city at night. I got approached while shooting that by another photographer, he could not figure out what I was seeing and shooting. But then when I pointed it out he got it, so both enjoyed the view for a moment.

      A gorgeous free and easy summer night in the city.But that shot and few others I just got utterly absorbed in my surroundings. Blossom out and into the world around you.

  2. Jeb · June 21, 2014

    p.s. Really pleased you liked it, thanks. For me It just vividly reminds me of the moment, which was intense and pleasing so the picture itself is oddly disappointing and slightly frustrating, its not the same but you have the memory and want more.

  3. Bill Benzzon · June 21, 2014

    And there’s that nice silhouette of the person there at the right…

    • Jeb · June 21, 2014

      Yes that’s what drew my eye in, you don’t get in the picture, people moving in and out of dark constantly, was their for quite a while enjoying it. Then saw the bird. Was like me and everything else was absorbed into the light and dark.

      Got home had to put Hawkwind sliver machine on (as sad as that may sound but its sort of what its like).

      Dyslexic zone out thing, I do it a lot when I think and when I want to think without distraction and in a focused way I go out, walk and get lost.

  4. Bill Benzzon · June 21, 2014

    Interesting. So it was the bird that triggered the photo?

    This absorption thing interests me, of course. I’m generally in a zone when I’m on photo safari. Not a deep zone, but a zone nonetheless. It’s not something where I’d want to be with another person and have to keep up a conversation.

    And then I get home and load the photos onto the computer. That’s almost as much fun. Well “fun” isn’t the word. But reviewing the photos is a process of exploration. I find things in the photos I hadn’t noticed when I took them, sometimes at least. But it’s not so much a matter of recalling the moment of the photograph. That moment was whatever it was, and it was mostly getting a photo so I can get something off the computer later on – though I rarely make prints.

  5. Jeb · June 21, 2014

    It was the figures by the bus stop made me stop. Photograph I took a while ago in day, dark figure in the distance outlines really clear and it gave the picture a much better sense of perspective in relation to the buildings.

    But the bird triggered the shot it was in the far corner but lots of cars so had to wait. Yes often its retro for me not aware of a lot and I generally don’t get that absorbed.

    Some of the subjects I have to think about are stressful and difficult, really had to relax last night and getting absorbed is helpful here, why it was more intense than normal. The title means multiple things. But its like being absorbed, you are performing a range of tasks all at the same time at very high speed.

  6. Jeb · June 21, 2014

    P.s Bill to me it is not a picture and I cant really see it as such. It tells me something about how I use my environment to form ideas and also helps me map the way I think. The subject I am exploring is the relationship between different worlds of thought and ways of knowing. As horribly pretentious as that sounds.

    Its really rather fun and can at times be rather amusing.

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