Drip Drip



Her Hair A Tangle of Kelp, Salt and Gull Shit


Drips Dame Fortune

“Assuredly this lot of ours has been imposed upon our lives, that sadness encroaches on happy fortune as darkness on sunlight, as harsh winter on balmy spring. There is no pleasure so uncompounded that griefs do not mar it with their foul bile. The treacherous fickleness of fate confounds human affairs with savage change. In the same way when the sea is placid with silent calm and lies motionless with tranquil waves, a whirlwind gathers a black storm and raises swollen waves, to a massive height. On the one side of the force of the ebbing tide, on the other the blasts of the wanton north-east wind snatch an unstable craft through the foaming sea.”


George Buchanan, Jepthes Sive Votum