Shine On


Photography A Year In

I suppose with that title I should have picked a spectacular shot but ran with one I took this evening instead.

I picked up a camera around a year ago, first time I have ever used one, last week decided it was time to think about getting a new lens, think I have learned my first lesson with photography and reached some form of milestone, hopefully over the next year learn something else.

I think knowledge and emotion have a very close relationship and the most important thing I have learned is a simply being comfortable with machine.

That happened a couple of months ago. Simple change from carrying the camera round my neck to carrying it over my shoulder. Don’t feel so awkward and a small and seemingly insignificant move has made a big difference.

This time next year hope to be more relaxed shooting people; certainly not as awkward as I was. The one early issue that now makes me laugh is dealing with poles. First day I took shots on the streets found people and the surprising mass of poles, signs and lights etc. all over the place, impossible to deal with and seriously distracting. At first I joked I should get a chainsaw, but now I find I actually enjoy shooting traffic lights, I like the shape for some reason.

First lesson learned seems to be simply to relax accept my environment and embrace it for what it is not what I would like it to be.

I am only taking pictures within a very small radius close to home for the most part. Partly as I am not sure yet how to tackle the more monumental aspects of Edinburgh. But that will come with trail and error so its an excuse rather than a reason. I just seem to enjoy taking pictures where I do.


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