Domesticating Athens With Midget Purple Castle’s



Domestic Scale

The monumental scale of Edinburgh’s public and civic spaces is often boiled down to a more domestic level, particularly with its Victorian architecture. My home is a mix of re-imaged ancient classical domestic mixed with medieval style arts and crafts plaster at the entrance, my last flat had a miniaturized replica model of a Greek temple built as a home for a Victorian family next door. A domestic shrine to Victorian notions of good taste and the ideas that informed it’s consumption of objects. Homes not so much just a castle but miniature empires seeking to impose a particular state of being.

A legacy of union and the empire it formed, when Edinburgh became Athens to complement and contrast with London as the new Rome. An ideology that sought to replicate at all levels from the vast to the small scale and intimate. A set of ideas that imposed themselves internally and externally.

Being able to move from the monumental to the domestic also allows the idea of being Scotland to be exported, visitors to the city can leave with a range of miniaturized and easily portable statues of Wallace, or scaled replica models of tartan clad marching bands and a wide range of flags, pendants, tea towels and shortbread tins. This allows such a state of being a much wider geographical range and the opportunity to communicate a tangible sense of its existence and continuing being across vast distances.

What ethnicity is all about, cultural adaption to cope with increased size and facilitate and communicate a shared sense of being across large spaces.



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