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In This Singular Being

Things Fall In Bins

I spent some time looking at old footage of the city. As a heritage city, its planing laws are extremely conservative it’s very recognizably the same thing.

What has clearly altered, dramatically is the idea of city and its sense of itself.

Most of the newsreel footage followed a similar path with an emphasis on the Castle, the Royal Mile and Hollyrood palace at its end, the home of the Queen. Strong focus on its military heritage, a melting point for soldiers from all parts of Europe, who had fought the Nazis and continued to fight the Cold War in this frozen North.

Emphasis on transport links bringing together this new commonwealth within an old Empire. Clear sense of Britishness emerges from these lines of steel.

British rail, British Steel, all institutions torn down in the wasteland of the 1980”s and with the eradication of its workforce a collective identity also began to loose its grip on the imagination of the ┬ápopulation.

What was not predicted in the movement from being apart of a community to being a part of an economy was the fragmentation in peoples perception of self and its relationship with other things.