What would happen If I just went round in circles?

circle 13.JPG

I now have about 12 hours experience using the blur tool, I got a very sore hand and now have a ringing sound in my ears from playing music at excessive volume for long periods.

Going round in circles seems to work well on eyeballs I find.

Three minutes with dodge and burn produced something of a mess. I think its going to take longer to work out how to use.

circle burn13

Turn down the volume and continue.



Meat Space 15 (Test Victim)


 Processes of Arrest 

I got into a mess using gimp for the first time. Caused I think by frustration, I have long practice with drawing using traditional methods, using the tools in gimp for the first time was like drawing with a crayon in my fist.

I was also attached and liked components of the images I was using, which I think helped raise frustration levels.

Meat space I don’t  like. I’ve already re-used the original image for test purposes.

The original image was a large fabric banner advertising Indian cinema at last years Edinburgh festival.

The image above was abstracted using the camera rather than gimp. Its a shot of an image on my computer monitor reflected of the clear acrylic side of my computer case.

The image lent itself to the processes. Its proved useful in that regard again.  Using digital paint tools I wanted to see if I could enhance the structure of the image.



I have no past and little present using gimp so can’t predict how tools are going to work.

This is giving me some idea of how to use the tools in the future.

I don’t like Meat Space as an image but growing attached to it as a processes.

Chin and bottom right are where I started. I am just hoping at this point that I can use the tools to construct something vaguely resembling an ordered line.

By the time I get round to doing the green and blue at the bottom left I have some deep trance on the headphones and have worked out that all I have to do is bring a thread to life and I can do that at speed and without thought.




madeoutof meat12

Day 3 with gimp. I gave the bus some teeth to make it look more skull like but it started looking like bad heavy metal art so reverted to giving it some sense of its original form. Sorted the top half apart from the hands. Bottom half more to do.

Determining If an Ordered Pair Is a Solution to A System (Day One With Gimp)


Gimping away away while listing to Quantic’s Infinite Regression. But I remembered a title I use ‘Towers a City’ and the image altered.



Stranglers ‘Hanging Around blasting out of the headphones resulted in some editing and the loss of a leg for one reason or another. Quantic’s infinite regression is still in the mix. Background is a close up of bird- shit which I find childishly pleasing.



Nu- Man o To produced a change in mood  as well as coming up with a clunky title for the days work ‘ Determining If An Ordered Pair Is A Solution for A System’