I Tell You They Are Giants


The Ocular Witness 

That men have a strange propenfity to the marvellous cannot be denied, nor that fear naturally magnifies its object


This work is illustrated and adonered by a great number of cuts, from which every clafs of of readers, wether their object is knowlege or pleafure, will find equal advantage; as they confift not only of maps and charts, drawn with great skill and attention, but of views and figures, designed and executed by the beft artifts in this country.

The most effectual way to prevent obfcurity and confufion in relating events, is to range them in order of time, which however cannot be done in an unbroken feries when the complicated and multifarious objects of hiftory are to be recorded; but as each of the narratives in this work is a single thread, the tranfactions of every day are fet down in regular fucceffion, and the time noted in the margin



John Hawkesworth, An Account of the Voyages Undertaken by the Order Of his Present Majesty for making Difcoveries in the Southern Hemifphere



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