Towers A City

dsc_0149 (1)

Secularization is often treated as a modern trend, attributed to the growth of cities or to the prestige of science, or just to the breakdown of social forms. But we shall see that it is an age-old cosmological type , a product of a definable social experience…..


In the age of the secular city, the questions with which we concern ourselves tend to be the most functional and operational. We wonder how power can be controlled and used responsibly. We ask how a reasonable international order can be fashioned out of the technological community into which we have been hurried. We worry about the wizardry of medical science can be applied to the full without creating a population constantly hovering on the brink of famine. These are pragmatic questions and we are pragmatic men whose interest in religion is  at best peripheral


Harvey Cox (being demonstrable) cited in, Mary Douglas, Natural Symbols.

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