Seventh Samurai




One Thing


New day, new experience. First time shooting so early. Not thinking, my mind is clear. Started by a stream ended with this shot.

As Opposed to Method (Enter King Richard)

‘these are not words they are thoughts. Its not how the idea affects you its how it affects the audience’ 


I have been studying how I may compare
This prison where I live unto the world:
And for because the world is populous
And here is not a creature but myself,
I cannot do it; yet I’ll hammer it out.

I don’t need to think about following the stage direction at the start of this speech, ‘enter king Richard’ it seems somewhat straight forward. I do however want a simple unlock and direct entry.  Dissertation length pieces will not cut it when you have to walk and talk at the same time.

Nor I nor any man that but man is
With nothing shall be pleased, till he be eased
With being nothing. Music do I hear?

Richard goes through significant emotional turbulence to reach his conclusion. How do you speak it, and hit the emotional range required from start to finish?

I think it is simple. He has already worked out his conclusions before he started. The speech is retrospective. His issue with the question is not with reaching a conclusion. He has already arrived at an answer, that is his problem.

Speak, get the rhythm, you arrive at a sense of time. You have to do that for yourself. Answers here cannot be taught. Such things are not enough. Rehearsal and walk through are required.  If it does not work in the space you are in, it’s discarded you move on.

Richards situation makes such a processes raw and difficult. It ends then starts all over again.

Acting is life, life is acting. It is no more than to breath.

Popular Devotion At Monkey Temple


I take my camera out. My mind is elsewhere so I only remember I have it, at predictable stops, places where I have shot before. My predictability, comes out of the blue manifesting itself as surprise each time, at the act of forgetting.



Altering Perspective


Josef Maria Eder, Early X Ray, Frog On Front and Back


Haeckel, Batarachia in Kunstformen der Natur (1904)


A Forest

I’m aware that exploding the creative process and passing that off as end in itself is a cliche of my work, but it’s been a difficult week.

Blown up on a better background gives more sense (or it may not its been a difficult week) of the attempt to alter  the perspective of the shot of trees dimly reflected in a pond.I have had the image sitting about unedited for ages, with these two reference images in mind.

Reading the contents for a post The Frenzied Dissection of Mythical Bodies on Victorian attitudes to the dissection of poor bodies and the term ‘matter out of place’ gave a context for the first dirty edit. Second dirty edit, finding a title I found amusing. Taking matter out of place by returning to its original context,that is not immediate to the eye, and trying to make it so.

 Convergent and divergent stream of thought here I think.

This image is not heavily digitally manipulated. Its had two very fast lighting edits, but I have been thinking about an article I read in the Guardian by Grayson Perry when he noted that digital manipulation produces less gifts of the fire. i.e. design opportunity by accident.

‘Baldrick I don’t  remember giving you permission to turn into a pig ‘

The Dream of Blackadder

Not sure that using digital tools suggest a death of the processes that animates it. Prediction here depends on convergences within divergent threads. Always the chance for design opportunity or disaster here.


Stewart Lee , ‘I imagined John Whittingdale in his kitchen later that evening, creaming his rasam’, The Guardian