I can only join dots

circle shadows round14kkkkk.JPG

Yesterdays attempt to cheat and create detail and texture at speed.

pearlcircle shadows round14

Gimp became a tyranny of choices.


circle shadows round14kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

Some seemed as if

circle shadow,,,,,,,s round14


they would almost work.





  1. Bill Benzon · May 1, 2016

    An interesting series of experiments you’ve been running recently.

  2. Jeb · May 1, 2016

    First real form of art I’ve done in 25 years. I use to spend most of my free time drawing (in the pre digital world) up until I had kids and no longer had the time or space.

    I always wondered why I did it as I never showed anyone the work or bothered with it after it was finished and some took a year or two to do.

    Its creating the space and getting into the rhythm that comes with such things that seems to be what I value.

    I like the absorbed state that these things create.

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