I have now developed a rhythm and can work without much thought. Particular type of slow dub appears to be particularly helpful with concentration. I don’t need to focus on drawing just listening to the music more attentively.


With blue dot on white I was able to successfully determine that my powers of prediction are extremely poor.

Working with the image blown up I can work out the detail and relationship between small groups of circles but have no idea how the changes will affect the whole until I have covered a very large amount of the surface.

What I thought would happen did not, what I had hoped may happened proved not to work and what I strongly felt had no chance of working, oddly enough seemed to work out as the most interesting part of the exercise.

As I no longer have to concentrate on working out how the tools work I can relax  and find myself constructing stories and altering how I see the picture.

This morning I imagine the grey/ purple slightly elongated blob below the left eyeball is the focal point of the picture. Its shape is defined by its immediate  relationship with other objects with no regard to the wider shape and form of the landscape.

It seems to be staring at the red circle above it. My skill in mind reading is poor so I have no sense of wither the blob is capable of having an idea or not. So I can’t tell if it may have just caught sight of a perfect circle.  But I like to imagine for the moment that it may have.

I know nothing about math, but suspect that some mathematical/ philosophical issue is at play here.

By accident rather than design the blob is staring at a shape that looks like  an upside down  image of the Egyptian symbol for encirclement.

Starting to wonder what a history of the circle looks like?

Thought seems to be altering how I see rather than altering the physical shape and form that is slowly taking shape.

Fat circle dub with some intricate highs.



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