Gone about as far as I can go in drawing white circles on a white background (nose) and green ones in the centre of the cheek.

One thing that surprised me the top and far sides have proved difficult areas to reach.

Next thing to see if further defining the circles will add more detail to the eyes and top half of the picture. Familiarity as has made me sensitive to small alterations.

Aside from some messy early experimentation I have only used one tool. Increased familiarity and sensitivity to alteration will prove useful in working out how  unfamiliar tools and effects alter the image.

I don’t have to think about what I am doing now its just becoming habit, something I do for ten fifteen minutes in snatches.

For longer periods, it stops becoming drawing and more a way of listening to music more intently.


I can see the history here. Thick circles are early attempts, not knowing what I am doing. Earliest phase is on the red wire in the centre of the picture.

Line appears as you work the shapes more, at the start I was drawing an individual circle. That altered when I finally observed  an individual circle will only form by creating clusters of them.

Its the relationship between them that gives the line and form. Seems to have got a bit more fluid with time. Developing a sense of rhythm has produced a clearer shape in later sections.




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