JPG 70


Nearly finished. Patience now required. Only thing left to learn is the effect of detail and when to stop.

As its an experiment I can live with screwing up here, I need to find out what overworked looks like. I am starting to get an idea here of what it may be. Danger in one part at least that going for detail is transforming it into some kind of statement on the nature of Orangeness.

Face is entirely circled.  Working with it on a larger scale so still needs some more detail as it looks different blown up in size.

Wires and background are the last thing to do.

Finish it in little snatches over the next few weeks.

Main red wire was the first thing I did. It shows. Early errors come back to bite you. Fortunately although I like detail I am not that hung up on achieving perfection. Learning something is enough.

If I do it again I have some idea of what I am doing now.

It’s surprised me how its held its form. The failure of my predictive sense always provokes surprise; no matter how many countless times it occurs, the highly familiar sense of surprise when something does not go as intended never becomes predictable.

I’ve completely reworked the surface and only concentrated on drawing out each circle on a very small micro- scale. I expected the bigger picture to entirely fall apart. It sort of has or is on the verge of doing so but it’s got sharper at the same time.

I like that, it seems familiar and reassuring.


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