Else of Somewhere JPG. 74


Nothing has changed very much and everything has altered.

Working on the light translucent section of the nose. I have no idea at the moment if the circles will fully form in the centre or if it will reach a point where I can no longer work the surface and produce a clear spot.

No relationship with trying to make the picture more ascetically pleasing (which would be my normal goal),  working with an altered sense of time, focused in the future, as I am so unfamiliar with the tools I am using.

Knowing what will happen here may or may not be detrimental to the final form of this picture but it may prove useful to hold such information further down the line.

This altered sense of time seems to be the determining factor on when my somewhat indistinct three ships will reach the end of the line.

That point will be reached when they cease to have any perceived place in a future timeline.


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