Orange Flag

dsc_0864_1307 (1)


Clear Spot 

The first shot I took that got me interested in bus photography. I was surprised at the time by how fast people clocked what I was doing and could follow my line of sight to the object the camera was focused on.

I often get stopped by people who ask the same question. “Why are you shooting that?”

To the viewer the object is saying nothing. That may be the case for me as well, or I may simply be in different situation where perspective is altered and I can apply the rules differently to work in the moment.

I was trying to capture the orange vest in an empty street. It seemed like a prayer flag that I had no hope of capturing, I was not use to the noise and movement of the street at the time.

Like Da Da,  meeting such things may be inevitable, a part of my mind, but its a mind highly dependant on the situation it finds itself in.

“why are you shooting that”?

The observation that the object should tell a story is shared, what is making the difference is an altered perception of time and the space things find themselves in.



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