White Van Generic


First photographic idea I ever had. The horror of realizing photography was going to involve the every- day and the mundane. It made me laugh, things did not appear to be going well or according to whatever vague idea I held at the time of what a photograph should be.



Realization that the everyday may become something else sunk in here.


Van in altered state, I have fully caught sight of an idea.


The last idea, the thing I could not imagine happening at a bus stop, its a repetition I have just caught sight of now.

Difference in the tools used, slower pace, more time to think about what I am doing. I am also far more relaxed with the objects I am using although the new processes of using gimp and altering is still unsettling.

The horror at the mundane world of the everyday that motivated  White Van and Generic has gone. Sense of humour remains intact. Surprisingly repetitive couple of years with a camera it would seem.

I appear to have done little other than become more relaxed with the processes and understand what’s going on a little better. Nothing much has altered but everything has.

Will more fully catching sight of the ideas involved alter that? I have no idea but I am open to the notion of surprise.



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