Remains The Day


I wont give up on Gimp. I need to develop a much faster way to edit. Use these as test victims.


The Thing I could Not Imagine At A Bus Stop

I have some idea of what my mind is doing. I have less of an idea what to do with the city.

Eye of a needle1.JPG

The Thing Left Over

Its always indistinct in my shots with no real sense of it’s identity or it’s many faces.


Flatlands (Somewhere North of Athens)

I was listening to some of Duncan’s early work a fiddle player by inclination. Never heard him play live, I think he has started recording again with Rise Kagona of the Bhundu Boys.

I suspect I may have heard Rise play rather a lot, I am not sure. Group of guys who play football at my local park, after a game, one of them gets the guitar out. First time I heard it I was some distance away walking into and passing out of the centre of the sound.

Some of the best playing I have ever heard. It does not fill the space it has become the space and it seeps right into you.

Never stop and watch so it may not be Rise. Moving through the sound, as it rises and recedes in the air and in the the sunlight adds to the appeal. Its a style of music I would not go out of my way to listen to on record.

In the moment, walking through the world flowering into summer in the hands of a skilled artist. That’s something else entirely, city becomes a living thing.

The place you hope it would be.

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