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In The Land Of Morning Calm



Communication Across Vast Distances

“A strange tale was told me, which I shall repeat, as I know it to be true. It is to this effect: A few months previous to my visit to Seoul, a foreigner had visited the king soliciting orders for installations of telephones. The king, being much astounded, and pleased at the wonderful invention, immediately, at great expense, set about connecting by telephone the tomb of the queen dowager with the royal palace—a distance of several miles!

Needless to say, though many hours a day were spent by His Majesty and his suite in listening at their end of the telephone, and a watchman kept all night in case the queen dowager should wake up from her eternal sleep, not a message, or a sound, or murmur even, was heard, which result caused the telephone to be condemned as a fraud by His Majesty the King of Cho-sen.”


A.H. Savage-Landor, Corea or Cho-sen: The Land of Morning Calm, 1895

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Urban Growth


I should perhaps note this is not an exploration of truth. I only look at social and cultural aspects of things, not interested in policing how things live in peoples minds. Lots of interesting objects with an organic history here, church with its supernatural landlord overcame biological issues early social elites had with holding land long term and the monastery and church shaped the landscape both rural and urban. A landowner that does not die and a territory that does not fragment on death. Coffee, sugar, tobacco, stimulants that fueled further growth and shaped the city in Europe.

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